Emsense-OptMe Sensor


  The main objective of this proposal is to monitor the freshness of meat products.

  OptMe is a portable opto-electronic sensing system to measure carbon-di-oxide to be emanated from meat products by using sol-gel based sensing membrane. Also, it senses residual dissolved oxygen presence.

  The system is made as a hand-held portable device and to be built with a Computational unit for the calibration and also a display unit to display the results.


  Response time ~2 sec

  Range – 0 to 10000 ppm of CO2


  Rechargeable battery of 400 mAh


  Real time detection of earlier spoilage in meat, poultry and fish products

  Carbon-di-oxide measurement through fluorescence and NDIR sensors

  Portable and battery operated system

  No similar commercially available device is available

  Accurate and also real time decision support system

  Data can be stored and retrieved

  Minimal power consumption

  Non-invasive and Non-destructive

  Sample preparation is not required

  Easily reconfigurable and simple calibration procedures

  Fast and reversible response to carbon-di-oxide

  Cost effective and it uses off-the-shelf devices, components, and standards.