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Emsensing Technologies is an Electronic Product and Solutions offering company founded in 2021 based in Chennai, India. Our Product Development and Solution Offering Engineering Team has talented skills on industry domains and platforms such as medical & healthcare, automotive, Industrial Automation that helps to reduce development risk and offer time and cost to market advantage. We research, investigate, understand the technology, and give our clients a competitive cutting edge solution . Understanding the technology and market trends give Emsense a key advantage in helping and deciding customers in realizing their dream of new products which are successful in their launch.

What We Offer

Real-time Industrial Solutions

Embedded Hardware Design

Embedded Software Design

Application Software

Algorithm Development


Emsense-OptMe Sensor

Emsense-OptMe is a portable opto-electronic sensor to measure carbon-di-oxide(Co2) to be emanated from meat products by Non-Dispersive Infrared Sensor (NDIR) technology. EMsense OptMe is Equipped With inbuilt BLE 5.0 for data transfer...

Bedside Motion Sensor

Emsense-Bedside motion sensor is a contactless device that senses/tracks bed-ridden patients movement. The device has an acute motion detection algorithm that detects and alerts the user about the bed-ridden patient's motion...

Therapeutic Aid Device:

The objective is realized by involving two mechanisms. The proposed system alarms a user if he/she stretches beyond required level. User also would be informed if performed stretch is not adequate.


Your ideas

If you are Developing solutions in-mind, looking for partnerships, consultancy or contract for the development of an end-to-end solution, Emsensing offers a range of design and services to meet your requirements. Our resources are designed to meet various development paths for your ideas with our specific Emsensing platform.


Hardware includes basic sensor for sensing/measuring, microcontroller for data capture, flexible radios for wireless transmission, OnBoard Memory storage and management for data, and a rechargeable battery.


A standard/Customer Specific firmware that allows for the Product to be configured specific settings via supporting application and basic functionalities like data capture and transmission.


Sensing includes for Industrial problems, Automation, Medical Sensors, that can capture data specific to the person and their environment.

Development Software

All customer Raw data is provided by the Emsensing platform,and can be downloaded by Emsensing software with End-To-End Encryption for further interpretation and analysis.


Medical Device

We Identify effective solutions for Real time problems in medical technology. We discuss custom medical device design that includes patients safety,comfort, user friendly solution.

Wireless Sensor Network

We Provide solutions for applications with a wide area like environmental, warehouse, indoor sensing that frame a sensor network to make an effective End Product.

Algorithm Development

We customize algorithm development based on the customer requirement, sample data. The process includes, design, development, validation , testing in real time scenarios.

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